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TOP-10 creative packagings of fruits and vegetables

Обновлено: 21 сент. 2020 г.

Author: Alyona Trifonova.

Packaging certainly influences the purchasing decision. But in the segment of fruits and vegetables, something original is rather rare. Mainly because these products are sold by weight. Yet creative solutions can always be found.

1. A masterpiece!

This packaging immediately recalls an excerpt from Ivan Bunin's story "Antonov apples":

"I remember an early, fresh, quiet morning... I remember a large, all golden, dried up and thinned garden, I remember maple alleys, the delicate aroma of fallen leaves and - the smell of Antonov apples, the smell of honey and autumn freshness."

The mood and atmosphere of the garden are amazingly illustrated. Additional packaging in a white rustic shawl, the photograph of spreading trees, golden straw give the box charm and authenticity.

By yanxiao chen, China.

2. "What would be your positive response?"

An interesting idea, noted by the observant business coach Iya Imshinetskaya.

3. Carrots like carrots.

Carrots in supermarkets are almost always sold without green leaves. Thus, they lose the attractive part of natural appearance and noticeable contrast in the color combination. To imitate a green part is a good decision.

By Just Be Nice, Moscow.

4. Convenient.

Finely torn greens, which can be used immediately to season dishes. The packaging opens like a bowl.

By Mahaut Clément, Paris.

5. Taking care of the consumer.

The fruit is provided with a ripeness sticker so that the consumer could choose the most suitable ones and not be disappointed with the taste.

6. Pressure for pity.

"Not the best, but still good." A great way to sell an item that became not very unattractive.

7. An original alternative to the small round banana stickers that are so difficult to take off.

A wide strip that matches the shape and color of the banana and easily takes off looks much more organic and allows to place more useful information about the product. Plus bags that imitate the texture of the banana leaves.

By Nendo, Japan.

8. A great reference to the freshness of the product.

The packaging in the form of a transparent umbrella is original and evokes pleasant associations with freshness after rain. This also translates into the perception of the product.

By Pavla Chuykina, Australia.

9. Onion in packaging that will not be thrown away.

It is very convenient to store vegetables in such packaging. Thanks to its stylish design, it will not confuse anyone with its appearance in the kitchen.

10. A great idea to play with the product name through the form factor.

Honey tomatoes in a honeycomb-shaped packaging.

By Brandnew, Netherlands.

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