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Freakebana in events

Обновлено: 24 сент. 2020 г.

Author: Alyona Trifonova.

Photo from Instagram @tuggeranongarts.

Freakebana (a combination of the words “freak” and “ikebana”) is the art of creating whimsical compositions with plants and flowers. Unlike traditional Japanese ikebana, in which everything is built on harmony, aesthetics and conciseness, freakebana can include unexpected eccentric elements. For example, a pearl earring, hair curlers, salt crystals, etc.

By Bobby Doherty for the "New York Magazine", source https://www.thecut.com/2017/12/what-is-freakebana-the-new-style-of-arranging-flowers.html

Freakebana looks like it was put together by an alien who didn’t know what is "supposed" to be in a bouquet. The charm of this approach is in the surprise effect. Elements of freakebana may be absolutely not connected with each other in meaning or method of application, but when combined they form something holistic, harmonious, incomprehensible and therefore extremely attractive for looking and comprehension.

We look and think: “How? What? And… why?"

By Vanessa McKeown from Instagram @vanessamckeown.

And that's all a brand needs for the first step in communicating with an audience. To attract their attention.

We only notice the world around us when it ceases to meet our expectations. If you participate in an exhibition with a lot of visitors who see hundreds of booths similar to yours, then your first goal should be to attract an audience, stand out from competitors by offering something extraordinary. And freakebana can easily help you with this.

Emphasize the specifics of your business by including your products into the compositions.

By Kathryn McLeod from Instagram @kmacnyc.

What can you do?

1) Decorate tables for meetings with freakebana.

By Vanessa McKeown from Instagram @vanessamckeown.

2) Create an art installation that people would like to photograph, or a bigger composition for a photo zone. Don't forget to post your business hashtag prominently.

You can present a whole series of pieces of art by signing which of the employees worked on them. This will add a personal touch to your communications.

By Bobby Doherty for the "New York Magazine", source https://www.thecut.com/2017/12/what-is-freakebana-the-new-style-of-arranging-flowers.html

3) Give a master class with a lecture on freakebana for your guests.

By Bobby Doherty for the "New York Magazine" from Instagram @freakebana.

4) Try to organize an interactive creation of freekebana in the genre of "renga" (by analogy with the genre of Japanese poetry "renga", in which an art is created as a result of collective improvisation). The bottom line is that new elements are added to the composition one by one by different people. New day - new freakebana.

By Erica Prince from Instagram @princeerica.

Such activities at your booth will arouse the interest of the public and provide a lot of opportunities for creating content.

Do you want us to prepere you for an exhibition?

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