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TOP-10 creative bakery packagings

Обновлено: 25 сент. 2020 г.

Author: Alyona Trifonova.

Delicious bakery sells itself, but it is still need packaging. Here are the most interesting variants, in our opinion.

1. The oven-shaped packaging is so authentic! Pay attention to how thoughtfully the entire useful area is used here: the packaging is decorated not only from the outside, but also from the inside, the text is written on the unfolding "tongue". This packaging tells a whole story.

2. Simple at first sight, but very worthy packaging for "Bulochkino". Airy, soft graphics and a lush cloud under the logo are perfect for the product.

By "Brenda" creative agency, Novosibirsk.

3. A sense of humor is essential in design. A positive and understandable image makes you smile.

By Asya Kalina, Berlin.

4. A brilliant finding of the designer is to imitate in detail the texture of chintz on the packaging. Satin stitch embroidery on a napkin creates a feeling of a handmade thing.

By "Pavlov`s design", Ryazan.

5. The old design of the cafe “Warm Bread and Under the Blanket” was so good that it could be applied to any packaging of baked goods, made it cozy and warm.

6. The packaging shows very clearly all the ingredients inside the cake. They look really noticeable and abundant.


7. Another interesting variant how you could pack baked goods playing with a form factor. This idea is close the first example in our TOP.

8. The unusual design for bread packaging immediately attracts attention. Strict geometry and restrained colors look very interesting in such context.

By "GianMarco Codato", Italy.

9. In contrast to the previous version, this packaging is designed in a completely different mood and looks very cute and friendly.

By Nadia Hudiana, Indonesia.

10. Intelligent and little bit hipster packaging that is well thought out in every detail: a marker tag, a dotted line as if for a handwritten lettering, and a warm mustard-honey background color.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget that packaging is supposed to be not only creative, but also easy to store and use. It should work well specifically with your target audience, tells a story and shows your product from the best sides.

If you need to design a packaging for bakery products, please, feel free to contact “Warm Yellow Socks”. We will come up with an original idea for you!

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