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Why does pasta taste like a bow?

Because it goes without a sauce! Top of creative advertising.

Author: Alyona Trifonova.

1. A wonderful metaphor: without this tomato paste, pasta is not pasta, but just bows, threads and springs.

2. The Heinz brand has already produced many original advertisements. Here are just a few examples.

These advertising posters clearly demonstrate the brand's message: this ketchup is made only from fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes, which go straight from the garden to the bottle.

And here the emphasis is on the spice of the ketchup.

3. Ketchup is often added with so much sugar as if it were not a sauce, but caramel, gummy bears and other candies and that is not healthy at all. Ads for low-sugar ketchup speak about its difference and urge you not to add useless sweetness to your meals.

4. One more advertisement of very “hot” and spicy ketchup.

5. Advertising of Birch & Waite sauces transparently demonstrates their natural ingredients.

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